Course Open . Irrigation project - Please treat as immovable obstructions any marker posts and pipe. Please do not attempt to move these objects (updated 19 October at 10:30)
Dress Code

You are respectfully asked to observe the dress rules and traditions of the Club.

At lunchtime and after 6.00pm, jackets and ties are normally required to be worn by gentlemen in the dining room. Any form of jeans, training shoes, track suits or t-shirts are not permitted on the course or in the Clubhouse.

                Gentlemen and Junior Boys Dress Code

Must have a collar and be worn tucked in at all times.  Rugby or football shirts are not acceptable nor are shirts with garish patterns or over-sized logos.

Must be tailored with no external pockets, zipped pockets or tags.  No jeans of any description are allowed, irrespective of brand, cost or variant of denim (colour, brushed, stretch, etc.). 

Shorts & Socks

Shorts must be tailored and may be worn with knee length or short white socks.  No “cargo” (external pockets), tennis or beach shorts.

Should only be worn with the peak at the front and should not be worn in the clubhouse.

The above dress code applies to the course, practice ground and clubhouse.  In addition the following should be noted regarding casual dress in the clubhouse.

Lace-up or slip-on non spike shoes should be worn with socks.  No sandals, trainers or flip flops.  Golf shoes are allowed in the bar provided it is accessed and exited by the outside staircase.



Golf tops should be acceptable golf apparel. They should have collars, be smart and tailored when worn outside skirts, shorts and trousers.

Shorts, skorts, and skirts should be tailored and an appropriate length.

Blue denim jeans, cargo trousers (or shorts), track suits or jogging suits are not permitted.


Ladies should conform to the general dress code of the Club when attending functions in the Clubhouse.

Trainers are not acceptable, nor are denim jeans or skirts.

Special Offers

From 1 November 2016 to 31 March 2017, groups of 12 or more can take advantage of our special Winter Package.

  • Coffee/Tea & Bacon Roll on arrival
  • 18 holes of golf (morning tee times only)
  • No temporary greens or tees
  • Round off your day with our renowned 2 course carvery lunch

. . . . . for an inclusive price of just £75 per person.